Quick and simple discounted police checks

Posted: 3rd Oct

ACWA has teamed up with National Crime Check to make getting a police check quicker, easier and cheaper.

National Crime Check is a simple, convenient and straightforward way for individuals to obtain a national police check.

The requirement for up-to-date national police checks is now mandated by legislation across a wide range of industries and used regularly by employers and industry peak bodies as a requirement for employment.

Individuals are finding traditional approaches to obtaining police checks time consuming, cumbersome and in some instances logistically difficult.

National Crime Check is an innovative and accredited online application that enables the lodgment of a request for a national criminal history checks in a quick, simple and straightforward way with most responses processed within 48 hours of lodgment.

The National Crime Check process is simple and user friendly and backed by the securest of cutting edge online application system.

Why we chose to team up with National Crime Check

Fast turnaround - most police checks are processed in 1 or 2 business days after lodgment.

Accreditation and compliance - National Crime Check is a private company which is accredited by the Federal government to perform police checks. It is an independently audited, highly trusted and reliable service provider.

Easy and convenient processes - the online police check application form is simple and easy to follow – and typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Secure data - the site is highly secure and trusted, providing the highest level of data encryption and back-up processes.

Getting started

To begin a crime check application or for frequently asked questions click here.